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Louise Fletcher

Louise Fletcher is the Co-creator and Managing Editor of Career Hub. She is also President of Blue Sky Resumes ( and author of "The Complete Guide to Resume Writing." She is a frequent contributor to job search publications such as, The Ladders, Net-Temps, Job Bank USA and Employment Spot, and her work is featured in numerous resume books, including the JISTworks "Expert Resume" series. You can reach her at

Deb Dib

Deb Dib, Americas Power Coach for Corporate Leaders, empowers CEOs and very senior executives to build great careers, mold great companies, have some fun, and even change the world a bit! A career professional since 1989 and a pioneer in executive branding and branded resumes, Deb holds eight certifications, is a contributor to 30 career books, and serves on the BOD of Career Masters Institute. Email Deb at or visit;, or


Wendy Terwelp

Are you ready for your next big gig? Wendy Terwelp, President of Opportunity Knocks™ (, partners with entrepreneurial executives and business owners in transition. In addition to personal branding and career marketing tools, her innovative Rock Your Network® program helps execs network effectively – without begging. To date nearly every person attending her live events has landed a new gig. In career management since 1989, Wendy also possesses a degree in Journalism along with 4 certifications. Email Wendy at or call toll-free: 800.969.KNOX to get hired faster.

Louise Kursmark

Award-winning resume writer, career consultant, and author (18 career books), Louise Kursmark helps executives in transition develop powerful, distinctive, and highly strategic career marketing documents. She is a frequent speaker to corporate, peer, and job-seeker audiences, a regular contributor to top executive sites, and a founding Board member of Career Masters Institute. Among her multiple certifications, she was the first person worldwide to earn Master Resume Writer status. Contact her at or

Debra Feldman

Debra Feldman, the JobWhiz, is nationally recognized for her expertise in designing and building connections for clients to Network Purposefully™, enabling senior executives to swiftly identify their next career challenge through warm personal referrals. As a candidate’s personal talent agent, Debra introduces leading professionals to hiring managers at pre-screened target companies. Expedite your career ascent with the innovator Forbes Dubbed Part Sleuth, Part Networker, the industry’s premier career matchmaker. Contact Debra at

Mark Hovind

Looking for a six-figure job? Mark Hovind, President of JobBait, helps executives go direct to decision-makers who might want to hire them - specifically in the industries and locations of their choice. JobBait’s classic direct mail campaign can achieve higher success rates than all other job-finding strategies combined. Their products and services are best of class in every category: extreme targeting with maximum precision, and custom cover letters on genuine engraved stationery. Contact or visit

Jan Melnik

Jan Melnik, MRW, CCM, CPRW, is president of Absolute Advantage, a resume-writing and job-search coaching practice in Connecticut, which she has operated for 25 years. She assists clients coast-to-coast with career strategies and resume services. Jan is the careers expert on Money Matters radio, syndicated nationwide, and appears regularly on NBC discussing both job-search issues and college admission topics. The author of five entrepreneurial books, she has been featured in numerous books and periodicals. Her newest books include Executive’s Pocket Guide to ROI Resumes and Job Search (co-authored with Louise Kursmark) and One-Hour College Application Essay. Learn more at

Susan Guarneri

Known as the “Career Assessment Goddess”, Susan is an expert in using personal branding and career assessments to reveal exciting career and business choices. She is the only National Certified Career Counselor in the world with certifications as a personal branding strategist, career management coach, distance career counselor, and expert resume writer. These multiple credentials and her 21 years of experience represent the “cream-of-the-crop” for the careers industry. Her web sites include and

Billie Sucher

Billie Sucher has an unwavering passion for her life-work as a career transition consultant, outplacement specialist, resume writer, speaker, trainer and poet. Since 1985, she has provided career services to individuals, executive-level to entry-level, coast-to-coast. Billie holds a Master's Degree in Counseling, industry certifications, and her resume / cover letter work is featured in numerous resume and cover letter publications. The author of Between Jobs: Recover, Rethink, Rebuild and Baseball for Life, she invites you to visit her website at or e-mail:

Janice Worthington

Janice Worthington, known as America’s coach of champions, has been advising industry leaders for three decades. A 14-year former executive recruiter, Janice began empowering candidates in 1987. Her insights have garnered offers for C-level candidates in the most competitive arenas. With Master and Bachelor degrees in Journalism and multiple certifications, her career column is currently featured in American City Business Journals; she has been quoted in the Washington Post, Kiplinger’s and Business Week. Her presentations appear in numerous career anthologies. She serves as “Your Career Coach” on

Barbara Safani

Barbara Safani, owner of Career Solvers works with Fortune 100 companies and individuals to deliver targeted programs focusing on resume development, job search, networking, interviewing, and salary negotiation. She is a triple certified resume writer, frequent contributor to numerous career-related publications, and co-creator of a leading resume writer certification exam. Ms. Safani advises members of the NY chapter of the Financial Executives Network Group and chairs a monthly SHRM networking group for HR professionals in career transition.

George Blomgren

George Blomgren has more experience as a job seeker than he likes to think about. He's also been responsible for recruiting, interviewing and hiring. He's a widely published author on career development and job seeking. He works for a national network of employment Web sites, where every day he gets to see what works and what doesn't. George likes motorcycling, the band Yes and vegetables that start with the letter "a".

Heather Mundell

Heather Mundell is a certified professional coach and founder of Dream Big Coaching Services, a national life and career coaching business specializing in helping professionals to find career happiness and providing interview and job search coaching. Heather blends her extensive individual coaching experience with a background in corporate HR leadership to help her clients reach their full potential. She has published numerous articles online at major career sites such as, and Email Heather at

Paul Copcutt

Paul Copcutt is a Certified Personal Brand Strategist and specialist for Higher, Canada's only $100k+ job board, also top global Career & Training contributor to the Knowledge Forum at Marketing and an active member of the Career Professionals of Canada. Quoted in The Globe & Mail and EnRoute Magazine he is an invited national speaker on the subject of personal branding and has appeared on Report on Business TV.

Jean Cummings

Jean creates potent resume messaging that propels executives and consultants in IT, biotech/pharma, and healthcare to their next positions. Offering a rare ability to distill complex careers into concise, brand-driven expressions of unique value offered, Jean helps innovators in technology and science attract attention fast. As a Certified Personal Branding Strategist with a Harvard Master's degree, Jean leverages creativity, intelligence, and 14 years of executive resume writing experience to turbocharge her clients job searches.

Brian Weis

Brian Weis is a national recognized expert in the online recruiting and employment industry. He is a speaker at recruiting and employment conferences and also has been a contributing columnist in publications like, American Staffing Association (ASA), HR Today,, etc. Brian is the founder and president of several employment websites including,, and

Laurie Smith

Laurie Smith, CPRW, JCTC, has provided cutting-edge resume writing and
career transition services since 1976. President of Creative Keystrokes
Executive Resume Service
, her industry contributions include multiple
Certification Board terms and judging of international resume writing
competitions. She has contributed to various career books, and provides
expert input to media such as Monitor Laurie’s blog
at Executive Resumes and Career Transition Strategies, or Click Here to contact her by phone or e-mail.

Dan Schwabel

Dan has 6 years of experience as a marketing consultant, business owner, and web designer. He has motivated, advised and mentored both students and young professionals, watching them excel and uncover new job opportunities. Dan blogs and hosts a TV show, while working fulltime at EMC Corporation. His blog is one of the top 25 recruiting blogs and his magazine supports the American Cancer Society. Blog: Magazine:

Louise Garver

Louise Garver, President of Career Directions LLC, has 20 years of experience as a partner with executives to create targeted career campaigns that include branded resumes and other career marketing documents, search strategies, and coaching in networking, interviewing and salary negotiations. She holds a Master's degree in psychology and career counseling combined with 7 professional certifications in the careers industry.


Chris Bailey

Ever since his first teenage job working in a gas station, Chris has been on a quest to uncover the ideals of soulful work and helping others put them into practice. Along the way, he's worked in non-profits and for-profits, held senior management and leadership positions, and patiently built a growing side project known as Bailey WorkPlay. When not enjoying Austin barbeque or live music, Chris is usually writing for his blog, The Alchemy of Soulful Work.


Norine Dagliano

Norine Dagliano, manages ekm Inspirations, a consulting, training, and résumé writing business she founded in Hagerstown, MD. Norine has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, is a dually certified and published résumé writer (NCRW and CPRW) and member of the National Résumé Writers Association and Career Management Alliance. She is committed to providing individuals with tools and inspiration to help them overcome the anxiety of looking for work.


Chandlee Bryan

Chandlee Bryan, M.Ed. helps job seekers transition into opportunities with their “best fit forward.” Prior to starting her own private practice as a career coach and resume writer, Chandlee spent eight years in Ivy League Career Services offices and worked as a recruiter. Chandlee also facilitates programs for a Manhattan based group of job seekers and serves as a consultant on Web 2.0 job search strategies. (


Sital Ruparelia

Based in London, Sital Ruparelia works with six-figure professionals globally who want to be more effective and achieve their career goals. This can involve help in earning more money, transition or promotion, working less or changing to find a more meaningful and enjoyable career. For further free career tips and advice visit To contact Sital email:


Al Sklover

Alan L. Sklover is a New York City-based attorney who has counseled and represented executives worldwide for over 25 years on issues of their employment, compensation and severance. Alan's special expertise is in teaching the art of effective negotiation of workplace issues. He is the author of "Fired, Downsized, or Laid Off," the most popular text on how to negotiate your own severance. Visit Alan's blog at